Caledonia Boys fight off Wabasha, Win 74-60

After a slow start and multiple turnovers, the Caledonia boys basketball team found themselves trailing early. 

Caledonia didn't hit a three ball in the first half and 12 of their 30 first half points came out of Freshmen Noah King.  Wabasha's Zach Kjeseth had the hot hand, as he scored 21 points in the first half. 

Caledonia trailed at halftime 30-36. 

Halftime score board. Noah King's 14 points=incorrect. 

First Half points stats. 

Final Scoreboard. 

Noah King came out of half doing work in the paint with multiple field goals and Caledonia took their first lead of the game 44-43.

Wabasha kept it close with a score of 49-49 with just eight minutes to go in the game. Wabasha's Kjeseth stayed hot, as he had 33 points with 6:30 to go but Caledonia still had the 53-52 edge.

Game Point Stats. Numbers in parentheses are first half points 

Two big three pointers by Sam Barthel gave Cal the edge, 61-56 with 4:30 to go.  

After a delay of game because of an air horn in the student section, Caledonia maintained their lead 64-58 with 3 minutes to go.  Then Cal kept the run going with a 70-58 lead with 1:11 to go.

Caledonia rounded off the night with a 74-60 victory.  Noah King led with 25 points, Owen King followed with 17, and Sam Barthel with 14.