I'm finally getting in front of the camera!

With being a creator, many of our hours are spent behind the camera and even behind the computer.  Many photographers and videographers are like myself, in their comfort zone behind the camera and HATE being in front of it.

 Most people are the same way but it's time to crawl out of that shell and out of my comfort zone to create more content.

WHY?...with building a small business I want to build a personality and a brand for people to connect with and to simply....create more CONTENT! 

Updated Profile Picture! Thank you sincerely to Sean Kearney and Sean Steele for the help.

We live in a world right now where digital content is consumed DAILY and in vast quantities.  The more good content the better.  The more views, the more subscribers, and the more followers making this an extraordinary network device that we live in and consume.

So, I'm taking the plunged on something long overdue, MORE CONTENT. 

Starting with phase 1, I redesigned and made a better website.  A website more compatible and interactive with users.  While the website was just recently launched, the amount of content is small and will continue to grow as I work to put more items on it.

Phase 2, Start a blog and vlog(video blogs) page on my website. This page will be updated very frequently keeping you up to date on new content and things surrounding my world.  If you are reading this right now, thanks for helping with phase 1 and 2 :)

As I progress, I will continue to grow my website and the multiple social media platforms I run.

Further "phases" and advances will be obvious when released, so hold your horses, more is to come.  Any comments, concerns, or suggestions are always greatly appreciated.

This will be a great journey and thank you all for taking the ride with me! 

A journey of a thousand miles begins with one small step
— Unknown

Instragram Video and Photo Contest will be released tomorrow!