Where I've Been AND What is going on!

If you follow any of my social media accounts or my website, you probably noticed in the last two months the trickling posts or the complete stand still of posts.

 The last two months have been a fabulous rollercoaster, changing weekly and daily!  During the whole month of May, I moved from La Crosse to Caledonia car load by car load each day as I traveled to Track practice.  The end of May came and I finally had everything settled in and the work/life balance was starting to stabilize.

June came along and I was fortunate enough to receive a job offer from Caledonia Area Public Schools as their Technology Support Specialist.  This flexible part time position gave me steady hours and allowed me to continue to run my own business.  I’ve now been at the position for just under a month and it has been fantastic.  During the move and the transition into the new job, I pushed aside the social sharing and haven’t had much time for personal photography, video work, or writing (but that will definitely start to change).

Collage made from video screenshots of a senior portrait session late last winter.  Video that day shot by Sean Kearney.

For Ryan Pitts Productions, June and the beginning of July was busy shooting and editing weddings, senior portraits and company videos.  As for now, I’m excited to work with the Caledonia Haulers to create corporate videos for them and help revamp their website.  I’m also excited to have an agreement with the Spring Grove Cinema to be their Commercial Production Creator to create commercials for businesses to play in the cinema. And all of that is just the surface!

I’ve been working diligently lately in updating and rebooting my own website, coming up with new products and hopefully soon launching new services!

I can’t wait for the fall and I’m more than ecstatic to be able to coach football once again for the Caledonia Warrior’s freshmen team and help with such a fantastic program.  I’m eager for sporting events to roll around and this year I’m planning on shooting more events, teams, and athletes than I ever have done before.  Along with the sports, I’m so grateful to continue to work with the Caledonia Argus as their sports photographer and I’m excited to improve on this daily.

For the future, I’m more than excited, optimistic, and confident in where the business is going and once again, CAN’T WAIT for the future and what it holds.

And for all of you that made it this far, THANK YOU! I can’t thank you enough for supporting and following me daily! You are the best!

Thank You and Stay Tuned! -Ryan Pitts Productions